M&A – March 2022

Gerardi: The youth of maturity

A road full of success and climbs towards almost all markets in the world.

Gerardi S.p.A. is an international renowned brand in the field of precision modular vises and clamping fixtures. Last year the company celebrated its 50th anniversary of activity, a remarkable goal that…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – January 2021

FMS Vise Cube

Fitted for robotic island

GERARDI FMS vise range have expressly been conceived for machining centres. It allows clamping optimization with accurate references in restrained spaces, minimal wear and high rigidity (thanks to the base doubled thickness).

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Macchine Utensili – September 2020

Gerardi, Clamping flexiblity

“Double Zero point comes from the need of clamping workpieces and fixtures of different shapes and dimensions on the same base plate.”

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Macchine Utensili – March 2021

Modularity and service: the ideal fixture

“Gerardi company from Lonate Pozzolo (VA) chose modularity as a winning strategy to grow and develop worldwide. The company offers a complete range of products that includes both basic and high-level quality solutions but also special items, always ensuring the fixtures value and durability in time.
We have interviewed the General manager Mr. Ivano Gerardi”

Italian Mechanical manufacture is well-known and appreciated all over the world for its characteristics of high quality and an almost obsessive attention to the details.….

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Tec Mec – May 2019

New products, New Production Plant

A new FMS line where 50 pallets are “fed” to three machine centers: It is the heart of the new Gerardi production plant, designed to double the company’s production capacity for standard and highly customized solutions.

Macchine Utensili – January 2019

Appropriate Solutions in All Situations

“With a range of products that offer the right mix between modularity, standard and special enters the market a dynamic reality able to offer always the right solution, according to the type of customer, needs and available budget. Here some more information by Ivano Gerardi Jr., CEO of Gerardi SpA”

As suppliers of equipments for machine tools we try to be constantly updated on the new proposals by the manufacturers in order to develop the best tools before the competitors. Anticipate the market and its requests and needs has always been our aim…

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Ammonitore – February 2017

Sistemi Modulari di Bloccaggio

Il programma di produzione GERARDI comprende un sistema modulare di bloccaggio fra i più ampi e completi a livello mondiale!

Utensili e Attrezzature – March 2017

Gerardi Zero Point

“Gerardi boasts one of the most complete Clamping Modular System worldwide,   a wide range of tool-holders + pallets for horizontal machines and the Zero Point units for the quick and accurate change of fixtures and workpieces, shortening set up times.”

Italian Technology (China edition) – March 2017

Modular Solution for the workshop

“Vises, angle heads, driven tools, Zero Point systems: Gerardi has developed a range of solutions conceived to maximise up-to-date machine tools’ potentialities, while paying the usual attention to users’ requirements.”

Maschine Werkzeug – February 2017

New Angle Heads F90-13 / 13L

“Gerardi has upgraded their range of EVOLUTION angle heads with two new heads F90-13 and F90-13L, designed and built specifically for milling drilling and tappint”