EMO 2017 – Hannover (Germany)

EMO Hannover 2017

Come to visit Us at Hall 5 – Booth E69

Dear customer,,

also this year Gerardi S.p.a. will be exhibiting in Hannover at the EMO exhibition, from 18th to 23th of September.
We are waiting for you with very important news, the new Special Offer 2-2017 and the new Workholding Catalogue #14-2017.

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5 Axis CNC Equipment

We equipe your 5 axis machining centres

■ Multitasking & CompactGRIP vises
■ Risers & Pyramidal supports
■ NEW Multitasking vise Art.670ID
■ FMS vise Art.868

It is rising the need of clamping a single piece in self-centering modality, with the possibility of machining it on the 5 sides. Due to the introduction of the latest and performing 5-axis machining centres and the diffusion of robotic plants for the machine automation, Gerardi has widened the proposal of modular workholding fixtures with two new families of vises: Multitasking (self-centring, eccentric, very versatile and handy) and the recent CompactGrip, they too self-centring but even more compact and versatile, with higher clamping forces and even more effective gripping thanks to the Grip Teeth technology and to the various modular inserts that can optimize the workholding depending on the material to be processed.


MACH-TOOL 2017 – Poznan (Poland)


Come to visit Us  HALL:3 –  BOOTH:26

Dear customer,
also this year Gerardi S.p.a. will be exhibiting at the Abplanalp Booth during MACH-TOOL in Poznan (Poland), from 06th to 09th of June 2017. We are waiting for you with very important news, the new Special Offer 1-2017 and the new Workholding 14-2017.

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BoxMedia – May 2017

Maximizing machine tool potentiality

“Almost 50 years of experience and attention to customers’ requirements allowed Gerardi SpA to make significant improvements and constant investments in developing and producing new solutions, all Made in Italy.”

Thanks to the introduction of the most recent and performing 5 axis machining center and the diffusion of interlock machine robotic plants, Gerardi has widened its proposal of clamping modular fixtures with 2 new vises group: Multitasking (self-centering, eccentric, highly versatile and handy) and the ultimate CompactGrip that synthesize the market needs mixing compactness, high quality materials and innovative heat treatments.

by BoxMedia


Metallobrabotka – Moscow (Russia)

METALLOBRABOTKA – 15-19 of May 2017

Come to Visit Us

HALL: 2.3 –  BOOTH: 23D40

HALL: 7.5 –  BOOTH: 75D90

Dear customer, also this year Gerardi S.p.a. will be exhibiting in Moscow at the METALLOBRABOTKA exhibition, from 15st to 19th of May 2017. We are waiting for you with very important news, the New Special Offer 1-2017 and the new Workholding Catalogue #14-2017.


Ammonitore – February 2017

Sistemi Modulari di Bloccaggio

Il programma di produzione GERARDI comprende un sistema modulare di bloccaggio fra i più ampi e completi a livello mondiale!

Utensili e Attrezzature – March 2017

Gerardi Zero Point

“Gerardi boasts one of the most complete Clamping Modular System worldwide,   a wide range of tool-holders + pallets for horizontal machines and the Zero Point units for the quick and accurate change of fixtures and workpieces, shortening set up times.”

Italian Technology (China edition) – March 2017

Modular Solution for the workshop

“Vises, angle heads, driven tools, Zero Point systems: Gerardi has developed a range of solutions conceived to maximise up-to-date machine tools’ potentialities, while paying the usual attention to users’ requirements.”

Maschine Werkzeug – February 2017

New Angle Heads F90-13 / 13L

“Gerardi has upgraded their range of EVOLUTION angle heads with two new heads F90-13 and F90-13L, designed and built specifically for milling drilling and tappint”

Macchine Utensili – February 2017

Modular Quick Change System for Driven Tools and Angle Heads

“Mecspe exhibition is important for Gerardi: the aim is not only to let the customers know all new products, strategies and organization but also to consolidate the direct contact and give an added value to our business relationships.”