Utensili e Attrezzature – June 2022

New production plant for new goals.

After celebrating 50 years of activity, Gerardi Spa continues to evolve always looking forward.

Through constant innovation Gerardi Spa have always been growing during the years and, thanks to the complete offer of clamping and machining fixtures, is nowadays one of the main characters of both national and international markets. This development has only been possible thanks to the continuous technological innovation involving not only the production plants but also the machine fleet.

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MaxiGrip – 3 vises in 1

Signle, Double and Self-Centering Clamping

Precision modular vise

The new MaxiGrip vise, this vise springs from the need of joining the highest clamping stability and the best use versatility in a single product. The possibility of shifting from the workholding of a single part to the double one, or to the self-centring modality immediately and intuitively, combined with the high compactness, make it the ideal product for the use on any machine kind, from 3 to 5 axes. To assure the best performances in time, the vise has been implemented with base body, slides and screw made of case-hardened, tempered and ground steel.

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Meccanica & Automazione – May 2022

Safe clamping with MaxiGrip

“Self-centering, single and double clamping”

The MaxiGrip vice was created to meet the needs of customers to combine maximum clamping stability and the best versatility in a single product. The MaxiGrip vice allows the immediate and intuitive passage from clamping a single piece to a double one, and can also simultaneously clamp 2 pieces of different sizes, thanks to a floating system of the joke and screw. Similarly, it can switch to self-centering clamping. These features, combined with the high compactness, make…

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Macchine Utensili – February 2022

Gerardi: When clamping develops across the board

“The latest solution developed by Gerardi entails the application of Zero Point System on a Haas vertical machining centre.

Among the multiple solutions that Gerardi Technical Dept. offers to his customers, the application of a Zero Point system on a Haas VF series vertical machining centre…

by Macchine Utensili


Angle Heads – EXTENDED Series

New EXTENDED Angle Heads

New angle heads line with turret

New EXTENDED angle heads have been designed from a solid technical base and from experience gained in 50 years, side by side with our customers. With this new series of angle heads we increased the lenght keeping the same performances. he anti-rotation MULTIPOINT system is made of 3 brace points for granting an higher rigidity than standard and an anti-rotation pin. This system is specifically studied on each application according to the customer’s machine spindle in order to allow heavy duty machining, to avoid any type of vibration and to mount on any type of machine spindle.

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Mecspe 2022

Thank you for visiting Us!

Dear Customer,

We appreciated your visit at our booth in Bologna at the MECSPE 2022 exhibition,  and thank you very much for the interest in our products.

Hoping to establish a long lasting cooperation with you, please feel free to contact  our offices at below contacts for any information you might need.

Here below some photos at our Booth.

Tecnologie Meccaniche – January 2022

Safe Clamping

“Gerardi always detects the ideal solution to the several application needs of its customers.

Blending modular and special to develop efficient solution at the right price. This is Gerardi philosophy that, thanks to its product ranges always detects the ideal solution to the several application needs of its customers…

by Tecnologie Meccaniche


Angle Heads – MINI Series

New MINI Series

Angle heads with 90° Angle Spindle

The new series of MINI heads have been designed based on a grounded technical know-how and a 50 years long experience. The compact design and the high level of performances of this innovative new angle head series allow to make machinings in position hardly reachable with other types of angle heads. Perfect for deburring and countersinking machining, light drilling and willing in reduced bore diameter. 90° Angle spindles are conceived to work at a very high speed. The quick-change modular coupling allows quick and complete interchangeability of all spindles on the same head.

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – March 2022

Gerardi: half a century of innovation

“Development and realization of clamping systems and toolholders.”

It is the core-business of Gerardi, a company located near Varese that has established itself on the international market thanks to its innovative products and its high-quality service…”

by Tecnologie Meccaniche


DUODUX – Self Centering Chucks

Accuracy, Rigidity e Stability

Double Guide Self Centering Chucks

DUO-DUX, the double guide self-centering manual chuck 100% Made in Italy. It is made with double guided integral jaws, which can stand heavier charges and grant a better stability. The crown is ground with a special way studied by Gerardi to grant highest precision and repeatability. Every DUO-DUX chuck is balanced following the ISO3089/74 rules and supplied with the warranty and testing certificates. The chucks with diameter 365 and 430mm, suitable for heavy-duty machinings.

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