Meccanica & Automazione – May 2022

Safe clamping with MaxiGrip

“Self-centering, single and double clamping”

The MaxiGrip vice was created to meet the needs of customers to combine maximum clamping stability and the best versatility in a single product. The MaxiGrip vice allows the immediate and intuitive passage from clamping a single piece to a double one, and can also simultaneously clamp 2 pieces of different sizes, thanks to a floating system of the joke and screw. Similarly, it can switch to self-centering clamping. These features, combined with the high compactness, make…

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Macchine Utensili – February 2022

Gerardi: When clamping develops across the board

“The latest solution developed by Gerardi entails the application of Zero Point System on a Haas vertical machining centre.

Among the multiple solutions that Gerardi Technical Dept. offers to his customers, the application of a Zero Point system on a Haas VF series vertical machining centre…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – January 2022

Safe Clamping

“Gerardi always detects the ideal solution to the several application needs of its customers.

Blending modular and special to develop efficient solution at the right price. This is Gerardi philosophy that, thanks to its product ranges always detects the ideal solution to the several application needs of its customers…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – March 2022

Gerardi: half a century of innovation

“Development and realization of clamping systems and toolholders.”

It is the core-business of Gerardi, a company located near Varese that has established itself on the international market thanks to its innovative products and its high-quality service…”

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Macchine Utensili – March 2022

Gerardi: Investments and marketing to grow worldwide

Gerardi represents a development model for all PMI in the mechanical field.

Gerardi company based in Lonate Pozzolo has been consolidating its presence on industrialized and developing countries for 50 years, offering clamping systems and toolholders for milling, drilling and finishing…

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M&A – March 2022

Gerardi: The youth of maturity

A road full of success and climbs towards almost all markets in the world.

Gerardi S.p.A. is an international renowned brand in the field of precision modular vises and clamping fixtures. Last year the company celebrated its 50th anniversary of activity, a remarkable goal that…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – January 2021

FMS Vise Cube

Fitted for robotic island

GERARDI FMS vise range have expressly been conceived for machining centres. It allows clamping optimization with accurate references in restrained spaces, minimal wear and high rigidity (thanks to the base doubled thickness).

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Macchine Utensili – September 2020

Gerardi, Clamping flexiblity

“Double Zero point comes from the need of clamping workpieces and fixtures of different shapes and dimensions on the same base plate.”

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Macchine Utensili – March 2021

Modularity and service: the ideal fixture

“Gerardi company from Lonate Pozzolo (VA) chose modularity as a winning strategy to grow and develop worldwide. The company offers a complete range of products that includes both basic and high-level quality solutions but also special items, always ensuring the fixtures value and durability in time.
We have interviewed the General manager Mr. Ivano Gerardi”

Italian Mechanical manufacture is well-known and appreciated all over the world for its characteristics of high quality and an almost obsessive attention to the details.….

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M&A – March 2021

Gerardi: The Youth of Maturity

“Born 50 years ago from an idea of his founder Mr. Ivano Gerardi Sr , Gerardi S.P.A. is still nowadays an international reference point in the Precision Modular vise and clamping fixtures market.”

Fifty years of activity represent a very important milestone for a company, and it is even worthier if the company is still on the crest of the wave and is keeping on evolving together with the market requirements….

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