Macchine Utensili – October 2022

Milling and Turning in Combo.

Gerardi designs and realizes innovative solutions in the field of clamping and machine tools fixtures. Precise, reliable and of high performance systems realized with technologies in step with innovation, like the one of high automation which characterizes the new FMS system projected and realized by MCM.

More than 200 coworkers, 15 million Euro turnover whose about the 65%  exported in more than 70 countries all over the world. We are talking about Gerardi, an industrial group which can boast more than half-century of history, period during which it has been able to obtain and strengthen a reference role in the field of design, of production and distribution of clamping modular systems and equipments for milling, drilling and finishing of the workpiece on the machine tools.

by Macchine Utensili


Macchine Utensili – April 2022

New Integral Angle Head series

“The goal of this production line, characterized by the integral shaft with shank, is to optimize production cycles and to simplify and improve the quality of each type of machining on horizontal and vertical centers.”

The range of GERARDI Classic Line angle heads consists of about 200 models, fully compatible with any machine on the market thanks to the wide variety of shanks available; the goal is to optimize production cycles and to simplify and improve more and more the quality of each type of machining on horizontal and vertical centers …

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NEWSMEC – June/July 2022

Gerardi Modular system, custom made and evolved.

“The Gerardi clamping fixtures are conceived according to an “evolved” modular point of view”.

Tombstones fixtures, angle heads, milling, drilling and finishing toolholders, driven systems for CNC lathes: this is Gerardi, a company located in Lonate Pozzolo that last year celebrated 50 years of activity…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – February 2022

Safe clamping in all conditions

“Among the wide Gerardi offer, Grippers, the pneumatic collets for robots developed together with Kitagawa stand out.”

Deep technological know-how allows companies to pursue new paths. Gerardi, with its long-standing experience, offers solutions where modularity and “special” blend…

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Utensili e Attrezzature – June 2022

New production plant for new goals.

After celebrating 50 years of activity, Gerardi Spa continues to evolve always looking forward.

Through constant innovation Gerardi Spa have always been growing during the years and, thanks to the complete offer of clamping and machining fixtures, is nowadays one of the main characters of both national and international markets. This development has only been possible thanks to the continuous technological innovation involving not only the production plants but also the machine fleet.

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Meccanica & Automazione – May 2022

Safe clamping with MaxiGrip

“Self-centering, single and double clamping”

The MaxiGrip vice was created to meet the needs of customers to combine maximum clamping stability and the best versatility in a single product. The MaxiGrip vice allows the immediate and intuitive passage from clamping a single piece to a double one, and can also simultaneously clamp 2 pieces of different sizes, thanks to a floating system of the joke and screw. Similarly, it can switch to self-centering clamping. These features, combined with the high compactness, make…

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Macchine Utensili – February 2022

Gerardi: When clamping develops across the board

“The latest solution developed by Gerardi entails the application of Zero Point System on a Haas vertical machining centre.

Among the multiple solutions that Gerardi Technical Dept. offers to his customers, the application of a Zero Point system on a Haas VF series vertical machining centre…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – January 2022

Safe Clamping

“Gerardi always detects the ideal solution to the several application needs of its customers.

Blending modular and special to develop efficient solution at the right price. This is Gerardi philosophy that, thanks to its product ranges always detects the ideal solution to the several application needs of its customers…

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Tecnologie Meccaniche – March 2022

Gerardi: half a century of innovation

“Development and realization of clamping systems and toolholders.”

It is the core-business of Gerardi, a company located near Varese that has established itself on the international market thanks to its innovative products and its high-quality service…”

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Macchine Utensili – March 2022

Gerardi: Investments and marketing to grow worldwide

Gerardi represents a development model for all PMI in the mechanical field.

Gerardi company based in Lonate Pozzolo has been consolidating its presence on industrialized and developing countries for 50 years, offering clamping systems and toolholders for milling, drilling and finishing…

by Macchine Utensili