Compact, Rigid & Accurate

Compact Grip Vises

√ Highest clamping & positioning versatility
√ Solid and rigid construction allows maximum clamping ratio with respect to the total lenght
√ Maximum rigidity & safety thanks to the solid jaws with slides
√ Highest accuracy & no wear (HRC 58 ±2)
√ 3 different jaw types, for totally 12 vise types UP TO 42 kN

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 Piramidal support Art.643H

Pyramidal Support Art.643H

Assembled on pyramidal support for optimization of all kind of machining operations on 5 axis michining centres

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NEW Workholding #14

NEW Workholding Catalogue and Price List #14

Starting from January 2017 with many news and 2% increasing prices

Dear Customer
We are glad to introduce our new Workholding #14 Price List and Catalogue, available starting from January 2017.

This occasion is right to inform you about the several news and the price increase of 2% on the whole Price List
Hurry up placing your purchase orders before the end of 2016!!


Spindle Speeders UPGRADE

New GSS10-HS and GSS13 types

Spindle Speeders GSS10 Out of prod.

Dear customer and distributors,
we are informing that the spindle speeder GSS-10 ER-16 is going to be out of production and in future we will be able to supply only the items still in stock at the moment (only few). However, it will be replaced by GSS10-HS and GSS-13 types;




Ratio: 1:8 / Rpm Max: 35.000 / kW 8,5 / Nm 3,5 /
ISO-BT40: 5,8 Kg – ISO-BT50: 8 Kg / ER16 Ø1/10

Internal Coolant Option bar




Out of Production!!




Ratio: 1:6 / Rpm Max: 22.000 / kW 5,8 / Nm 2,8 /
ISO-BT40: 3,7 Kg – ISO-BT50: 6,5 Kg / ER20 Ø1/13

Body, kinematics and performance are the same, with the
advantage of a bigger collet.



VALIDITY EXTENSION until 31st of December

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Dear customer,
We are pleased to inform you that the validity of our Special Offer IMTS is extended until 31st of December 2016 !


Saving up to 50% – Expires on 31st of December

Special Offer #2-2016

Expires on 31st of December

  • New STD vise with GRIP jaw plates for strongest clamping
  • New FMS vise with double step jaws
  • New Pneumatic Single ZERO POINT with double effect system
  • Wide range of Driven Tools with an unbeatable price / quality ratio
  • Quick Change for Driven Tools and Angle Heads

news mec sept-oct 2012

Morsa modulare serie STD con piastre ganasce  GRIP a forte serraggio


The most popular (and copied) vise in the world!

New STD vise Art.15 with GRIP jaw plates for strongest clamping, (narrow width ground).

FMS Art 864


Specific for horizontal and vertical machining centres!

New FMS vise Art.864 with double step jaws


NEW Compact Grip Vises

Self-Centering vise for 5 Axis


Compact, Rigid & Accurate

• Solid and rigid construction allows maximum clamping ratio with respect to the total lenght
• Maximum rigidity & safety thanks to the solid jaws with slides
• Highest accuracy and no wear (HRC 58 ±2) Designed for 5 axis machines, CompactGRIP series of vises allow machining operations on the 5 workpieces sides
with perfect alignment in a space saving design, extremely high wear resistance, with reduced deflection.

Modular Equipment

We equip your machining center from ZERO-point


  • Modular tombstones for vertical and horizontal machining centres, 4 sides and 2 sides cubes, angles and plates
  • Pneumatic Zero-point, immediate positioning and clamping
  • Complete pallet for your machining centres
  • 100% Made in Italy, completely designed and built in Italy

Seminar Clamping – (Thailand)

Workholding Efficency Training

“Gerardi on the way to South East Asia”


Driven Tools – Made in Italy

Upgrade Your Lathe and Boost Productivity

“Widest range of Driven Tools in order to equip the CNC lathes and turrets of the most popular builders on the market with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Accuracy and Reliability Guaranteed for 2 Years! “

Technology Excellence:

  • Main Body
    Specially treated corrosion resistant integral steel body re-designed to improve rigidity and reduce vibrations.
  • Internal Coolant
    All the driven tools can be supplied with internal coolant option up to 100bar. Dry running possible!
  • Torque & Rpm
    Rated to 100Nm torque and 10.000Rpmoppia disponibile fino a 100Nm e velocità fino a 10.000Rpm
  • Outputs
    ER collets / WELDON / HSK / CAT / SK / BT or shell end milling cutter
  • Gleason Gears
    Gleason spiral bevel gears with ground teeth in order to guarantee a bigger torque, less noise and heating
  • Bearings
    Angular contact, preloaded, high precision ball bearings + taper roller bearings on output spindle for better rigidity and longer life


The Most Advanced Vise!

Innovative comb system for manual quick pull-down jaw plate changes!


No wear / Modularity / Quick clamping / Versatility / Highest accuracies ±0,02mm

The vises of the StandardFLEX series are an evolution of the Standard vise series. Their main characteristic is the quickest jaw plate hand substitution without any tool. This is possible thanks to the new design with pin with spring which increases the standard vise versatility while the prismatic grooves allow a perfect repositioning accuracy (within microns!!!).