Utensili e Attrezzature – March 2017

Gerardi Zero Point

“Gerardi boasts one of the most complete Clamping Modular System worldwide,   a wide range of tool-holders + pallets for horizontal machines and the Zero Point units for the quick and accurate change of fixtures and workpieces, shortening set up times.”

Main features and advantages:

  • Reduction of 95% of the set-up times
  • Quick and easy clamping/unclamping of the vise/cube/work-piece
  • Easiest way to reduce downtimes and increase profits.
  • Optimization of the production and dramatic reduction of waste..
  • Saving on fixtures (one cube suitable for several types of vises).
  • Immediate Start-up!
  • Integral Elastic Collet for a more precise positioning and removal of the fixtures.

by Utensili e Attrezzature


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