Modular Equipment

We equip your machining center from ZERO-point


  • Modular tombstones for vertical and horizontal machining centres, 4 sides and 2 sides cubes, angles and plates
  • Pneumatic Zero-point, immediate positioning and clamping
  • Complete pallet for your machining centres
  • 100% Made in Italy, completely designed and built in Italy

Gerardi vanta un catalogo con un sistema modulare di serraggio fra i più completi a livello mondiale, un’ ampia gamma di portapezzi e pallet per macchine orizzontali e unità Zero Point per il cambio, rapido e preciso, di attrezzatura e pezzi per azzerare i tempi di allestimento macchina.
L’ azienda è uno dei pochissimi costruttori in grado di realizzare qualsiasi tipo di attrezzature per presa pezzo chiavi in mano.


tombstone with multiflex vises

Solid Cast Iron G30 modular tombstones
– Solid cast iron – High resistance alluminum
– Accuracy within ±0,02 mm
– The shapes available are: Cubes, two sides tombstone, angles, plates and subplates
– Available different finishing

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Zero Point accurate, quickest and safe positioning
Reduce set up times by up to 95%
– Minimum machine set up times
– Production optimization
– Saving on fixtures (on the same tombstone you can mount different types of vises)
– Repositioning accuracy within 0,005 mm

gerardi pallet

Gerardi Original PALLET
The best pallet for your machining centre

– Solid cast iron cast G30 with double stress relieving heat treatment.
– Highest accuracy.
– Inspection with 3D measuring machines
– Pallets to fit 100% MAKINO, MAZAK, DMG-MORI, OKUMA


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