Saving up to 50% – Expires on 31th of December

Special Offer 2015

Expires 31th of December

 gerardi tombstones and vise-cubes


Solid cast iron cast G30 with double stress relieving heat treatment
Special Prices for Integral Vise-Towers with base plate / Tombstone with vises and Rotary table



Accurate, quickest and safe position. Set up times reduced 90%
Special Prices for Kit of Pneumatic Zero Point interfaced base plates + smooth interface plates

gerardi fms vises

FMS vises

Specific for horizontal and vertical machining centres
Special Prices for Art.868 Self centering vise with high jaws
Saving up to 50% on extra jaw plates purchased with vises.

gerardi stdflex vises

StandardFLEX vises

Innovative comb system for quick pull-down jaw plate changes, 4 holding clamps and 4 “T” nuts included in the price.
Saving up to 25% on extra jaw plates purchased with vises.

gerardi xl

XL vises

Vises with much longer base than standard one, 6 holding clamps included in the prices.
Saving up to 25% on stack type jaws and other accessories purchased with vises.

gerardi  multiflex vises


For multiple clamping from 1 to 12 workpieces of various sizes, 6 holding clamps included in the prices.
Saving up to 50% on magnetic parallel plates purchased with vises.

gerardi  multitasking vises


Ideal for 5 axis machine centres, Self centering and eccentric vises.
Saving up to 20% on jaws puchased with vises.

gerardi angle heads


Integral Classic line and Modular Evolution line, ATC serie, automatic tool change, MTC serie, manual tool change.

gerardi  haas driven_tools

HAAS driven tools

Interchangeable couplings for the different Haas turrets.
Saving up to 34% on Gerardi Driven tools listed on the Special Offer.

news mec sept-oct 2012


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