Angle Heads Classic Line

Classic Line

100% Made in Italy

Steel body  /  Gleason ground spiral bevel gears  /  Multiple sets of highest precision preloaded angular contact bearings  /  Case hardened and ground shank and shaft / High performances: up to 10.000 RPM and 250Nm
The CLASSIC line of Gerardi angle heads have been designed from a technical base derived from more than 40 years experience of solving thousands of productions issues, finding optimum solutions and always guaranteeing the highet product quality.

FMS vises

Flexible Modular System

The most complete vise for single, double and self-centering clamping

No wear  /  Modularity  & Versatility  /  Highest Accuracies within 0,02mm  /  Rigidity & Safety
Born to be dedicated to machining centres, FMS vises range allow workholdings with perfect alignment in a space saving design, extremenly high wear resistence, with deflection reduced 2 times in respect to the STD modular vises (base thickness doubled), possibility to clamp more pieces simultaneously with mechanic, hydraulic pneumatic or electric devices. You can use them both for vertical and horizontal clamping without any price charge. Jaws widths from 75 to 190 mm. Grip any work lenght.

Angle Heads Evolution Line

“L” Series

For depth machinings

The new EVOLUTION line of Gerardi angle heads has been designed from technical base derived from more than 40 years experience in solving thousands of production problems, finding the best solution and always guaranteeing the highest product quality

Saving Up to 50% off

Special Offer 2015

Expires on July 31th

morse fms


Specific for Horizontal and vertical machine
Special Prices for FMS vises configurations

zero point


Accurate, quickest and safe position. Set up time reduced 90%
Special Prices for GERARDI Zero-Point configurations