New Grip Matic vise

The Ultimate Vise!!!
Hydraulic or Pneumatic

■ Full Automation
■ Lubrification alway under control for Max Performance
■ Wide range of Jaws
■ Addition of the lubrificant even through the machine table


Grip Matic vise - visual_1

Full Automation

Unattended use possible / CNC manageable /
Ideal for automatic loading / unloading of the workpieces

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Grip Matic vise - visual_2

Max Performances even through the pneumatic use

High levels of sliding of the internal rails ensured thanks to an anti-friction treatment and specific lubrificants

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Grip Matic vise - visual_3

Wide range of Jaws

Machineable jaws, narrow-width machineable jaws, jaws fitted for specific jaw plate mounting (smooth, serrated, grip)

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Grip Matic vise - visual_4

Addition of the lubrificant through the machine table

Configuration of the lower surface to allow the addition of the oil/compressed air through an interface plate directly from the machine spindle

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