Maschine+Verkzeug – February 2019

MillTecZero, the Modular Magnetic pallet

The modular magnetic pallet with Zero Point system integrated with chageable pitch. The Best Solution For Every Clamping And Positioning Need

What is MillTecZero?

MillTecZero is a modular magnetic plate developed by Gerardi and equipped with precision grid for the quick precise positioning of workpieces, pallets and clamping fixtures, born from the meeting of two innovative technologies today highly appreciated on the market, the Zero Point units and the magnetic clamping of workpieces. Versatile and practical, it has a wide clamping surface to suit workpieces of different shapes and sizes, assuring an accurate alignment among workpiece, magnetic plate and machine table on X and Y axes, all that annulling vibrations. MillTecZero allows a complete machining of the workpiece in a single setup, easily reached on 5 faces even for undercut or drill-through operations and it keeps the centring and alignment devices completely independent from the magnetic clamping surface.

What is made of?

Magnetic Plate

Electropermanent magnetic circuit in monolithic construction with INTEGRAL METAL SURFACE without resin in the upper part- Each magnetic pole on the grid plate has a magnetic force of 652 kg

Mobile Chucks

Patented circular mobile double effect pole chucks  for automatic leveling of the workpiece

– Grid Plate for Gang Operations

Precision grid plate with hardenedbushings built in neutral area with100mm pitch

– Positioning Unit withversatile pitch

Zero Point unit and ground centering conical pins with 0,005mm accuracy that can be positioned as needed

– Supporting Turrets

Height adjustable supporting Turrets for the workpiece to machine

– Control Unit XT200

-To activate and management of themagnetic force

-Possibility to use 220V, 380V

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