New Special Offer 01-2017

■ STD vise with GRIP jaw plates ■ FMS vise with double step jaws ■ Pneumatic
single ZERO POINT with double effect ■ Wider range of Driven Tools with an unbeatable price/quality ratio ■ Quick change for Driven Tools and Angle Heads

Discover the New Special Offer!

 std vise

STD vises
The most popular vise in the world!

New STD vise Art.15 with GRIP jaw plates for strongest clamping, (narrow width ground)

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fms vise

FMS vises

Specific for horizontal and vertical machining centres!
New FMS vise Art.864 with double step jaws

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gerardi zero point

Zero Point

New PNEUMATIC SINGLE Zero Point (built in or mouning with flange)
Up to 25kN by Double Effect system (spring + air)

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Driven Tools Gerardi

Driven Tools

New range of Driven Tools in Special Offer for: VDI DIN5482 – BARUFFALDI

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Modular Quick Change Adaptors

Quick Changes

For Driven Tools and Angle Heads!
Several kit offers purchasing the new universal quick changes
compatible with all ER outputs (with internal or external nuts)

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