Driven Tools – Made in Italy

Upgrade Your Lathe and Boost Productivity

“Widest range of Driven Tools in order to equip the CNC lathes and turrets of the most popular builders on the market with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. Accuracy and Reliability Guaranteed for 2 Years! “

Technology Excellence:

  • Main Body
    Specially treated corrosion resistant integral steel body re-designed to improve rigidity and reduce vibrations.
  • Internal Coolant
    All the driven tools can be supplied with internal coolant option up to 100bar. Dry running possible!
  • Torque & Rpm
    Rated to 100Nm torque and 10.000Rpmoppia disponibile fino a 100Nm e velocità fino a 10.000Rpm
  • Outputs
    ER collets / WELDON / HSK / CAT / SK / BT or shell end milling cutter
  • Gleason Gears
    Gleason spiral bevel gears with ground teeth in order to guarantee a bigger torque, less noise and heating
  • Bearings
    Angular contact, preloaded, high precision ball bearings + taper roller bearings on output spindle for better rigidity and longer life


  • Higher Speed (Ratio 1:2 / 1:4)
  • Tapping Collets
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Quick Change

Range of Driven Tools:

gerardi vdi driven tools 1

for VDI turrets
Din 5480 / Din 5482 / Baruffaldi / Din 1809 series

gerardi biglia driven tools 2

for BIGLIA lathes
BMT55 series

gerardi dmg mori driven tools 3

for DMG MORI lathes
NL – NZ series

gerardi doosan driven tools 4

for DOOSAN lathes
BMT45 – BMT55 – BMT65 – BMT75 – BMT85 series

gerardi haas driven tools 5

for HAAS lathes
Interchangeable couplings!

gerardi mazak driven tools 6

for MAZAK lathes
QTN1 – QTN2 – QTN3 – QTS – HQ series

gerardi myiano driven tools 7

for MYIANO lathes
Ø38 – Ø45 – Ø54 series

gerardi nakamura driven tools 8

for NAKAMURA lathes
BMT44 – BMT55 series

gerardi okuma driven tools 9

for OKUMA lathes
BMT60 series


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