NEW Compact Grip Vises

Self-Centering vise for 5 Axis


Compact, Rigid & Accurate

• Solid and rigid construction allows maximum clamping ratio with respect to the total lenght
• Maximum rigidity & safety thanks to the solid jaws with slides
• Highest accuracy and no wear (HRC 58 ±2) Designed for 5 axis machines, CompactGRIP series of vises allow machining operations on the 5 workpieces sides
with perfect alignment in a space saving design, extremely high wear resistance, with reduced deflection.

compact grip vise

NEW CompactGRIP vise

Much higher clamping power than the exhisting vises, but also compared to our Art.640 (with a more compact and lighter design). This is because of the clamping screw design, its position much closer to the workpiece and the integral design of slides and jaws

compact grip - grip inserts

GRIP top jaw inserts

Another advantage will be the greatest versatility thanks to the easiest and quickest GRIP jaw plates exchange with different types of teeth design to be used according the material to be clamped, thanks to the reversible jaws and also to the 4 base positions option (90°).

compact grip vise configuration

BASE interfaced

Compatibility with the most common pallet change systems, but also with our Zero Point Type 1 and Type 2.

compact grip - inserts grip wide range

Wide Range of top jaw inserts

Reversible top jaw inserts: one side grip all the way long and lowered central area on the other side.

GRIP 1,5: Designed for standard workpieces hardness clamping.
GRIP 2: Designed for hardened workpieces clamping.
GRIP 11: Designed for soft material clamping.
SMOOTH: Designed for soft material clamping and for the final machining.
DOVE TAIL: Designed for a best workpiece clamping.


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